Thursday, May 8, 2014

7 Months of Carter

Some huge changes in the last month!

- He LOVES solids and does really well with them. He learned pretty quickly, and is hitting his mouth much more than not lately ;) We can tell he's ingesting a good portion, and he has a lot of fun with it. We aren't "allowed" to eat without him having some too.

- He has great balance - I'm confident when I sit him down that he won't fall over. He can also stand pretty well just holding on to my fingers.

- He's MOBILE! He can scoot around on his bum while sitting up. Never seen a kids do this before (well, on commercials I have), and he can go 3-4 feet in a couple of minutes! It's funny to watch. He has also been able to crawl backwards. This makes him happy because he can try to get to the cats.

- He's so much more curious about his surroundings. He'll pick up toys he's played with for weeks and investigate every aspect of them, flip them around, turn them upside down. etc. He's noticing things around him that he's never paid attention to before. He loves it when I fill a basket with his toys so he can pull them all out and investigate each one.

- He's getting more mischievous too. The other day, he was banging his spoon on the table as loudly as possible and looking at me as if to ask "are you seeing what I'm doing, mom?"

- He definitely understand what we're saying! I can ask him "where's Isaac (our cat)" and he'll look at him instantly. I can ask him to give me his hands and he will. He's already getting to know what "no" is all about ;)

- He hates bath time just like his brother did, and screams the entire time.

- He has altered his napping completely. He was doing 2 long naps and 2 short naps a day. Now he's down to 2 long naps (about 9-11am and 2-4pm). Gives mommy some nice breaks. His nights go to hell if he doesn't nap well though.

- He definitely hit a distinct growth spurt just after 6 months. His sleep went wonky, and he started waking up every 3 hours at night for a bottle.  Things have gotten a bit better now. We start him off in his crib, and then one of us takes him into the guest bed when he wakes up the first time (usually at 1:30, like clockwork). We give him water, he falls back asleep, and then wakes up again at 4:30 for more water. Then he usually sleeps until 7-8am. We think he just got used to waking up every 3 hours for a bottle during the spurt, and now he's slowly phasing it out (he only takes a couple ounces of water at a time). Hopefully it'll keep getting better because it was pretty rough there for a bit! It'd be nice if he went back to sleeping through the night, but I'm not holding my breath.

- One of my favourite things about him is that he makes people smile wherever we go. He just lights up a room with his smile and bubbly personality! It's heartwarming.

Photo Credit: my friend Amy

Happy 7 months, Carterpillar!