Friday, March 14, 2014

Love the Y

While I was still seeing a rehab team, I had appointments with a recreational therapist. Out of all the therapy I did, I thought this would be the least useful, and it ended up being the best and (I think) most important for my recovery. My RT was amazing and really worked hard to find options for me to get me back to being active. She researched several gyms in the area and would give me reports on their programming, if they had childminding, what the cost was, and how easy it would be for me to get there and get in/out of the building.

After considering several options, DH and I talked them over, and decided to get a family pass to the YMCA. It's more expensive than I thought/hoped (about $100/month), but we went for it because it has the types of classes and facilities I like and use (spin, step, yoga, pool), it's close by, and includes parking. The price also includes all programming for us and Evan, and free childminding for Carter. This last one was a big one for me, because there's no way I'd go otherwise.

I've been going 1-2 times per week, which has been amazing. It's awesome to a) get out of the house, b) take off the "mom" hat, and c) be able to move and use my body! I've mostly been swimming, which I've been loving, and of course I end it with a dip in the hot tub (ahhh!!). To top it off, Carter LOVES going to the onsite daycare. The ladies love him because he's just so happy and smiley. That makes it easier!

We have tried going as a family of four - DH and I working out, Carter at the daycare, and Evan in their mini-Y program (they set up a gym with a bunch of different games/equipment for 3-5 year-olds). Unfortunately, Evan didn't like it at all, and apparently cried for me the WHOLE HOUR he was there (parenting win!). So, we'll just keep using as best we can now, and hopefully try again with Evan when he's a bit older (3.5 is SUCH a fun age, right?).