Monday, March 10, 2014

Blog Path

This is really just me thinking aloud, but feel free to chime in with whatever comes to mind!

I've been thinking a lot about my blog lately - what I write about and what the point is.

I write about everything from the kids and motherhood to science and education to my stroke recovery, to knitting, house stuff, and everything in between. I sometimes wonder if I should be more focused, or is the "focus" of my blog just "life"? Why do I feel like my blog has to even have a "point"?  Does there really need to be coherent theme?

All I know is that I'm feeling a bit unsettled about it right now. Maybe because I don't have a ton of time to write at the moment, and it seems a bit of a chore to write, and it's been hard coming up with posts. Before I would have a bunch in mind and schedule them, but now I just sit and write when something comes to mind (if I have a free moment).

I wonder if my blog lacks focus because my life seems that way too? Right now, it almost seems like we're running in triage-mode, just doing what needs to be done at that moment and a) not having time for anything else, and b) not giving much thought to anything. Like we're moving minute to minute, task to task, and just treading water right now.

Hmm...this started as a post about the blog and turned into a "life" post. See? Writing thoughts down DOES help clarify things! I mean, nothing is more clear, but at least I know what's really in my thoughts, not just the blog.

I've been thinking about taking a month of from the blog (and all social media) just to give myself a break and spend that time in other ways I might like.

One other thing I know is that I need to update that header!!