Sunday, March 9, 2014

5 Months

Carter turned 5 months old yesterday! It sometimes feel like he's still a newborn, and other times feels like he's on the cusp of toddlerhood! I have really enjoyed being at home with him, and only him, the past couple of months. It's been wonderful to bond with him like I didn't get to do in his first few weeks.

- I know I say this every month, but he's such a happy baby! He just loves to smile and laugh and coo and is just pretty easy going. He loves it when he makes other people laugh, and it just makes him laugh more.

- He's starting to squeal when he gets excited about something.

- He's getting int more of a routine during the day, something that I can usually anticipate! Makes life a bit easier.

- He's still sleeping through the night. He usually falls asleep between 7-9pm,  but his wake up times are randomly anytime between 5-8am.

- He drinks 5-6 6oz bottles a day.

- His favourite toys are his playmat and his dinosaur :)

- He loves being read and sung too - if he's upset  and I do one of these, he instantly calms down.

- He's a de-escalator (very unlike his brother) - so he tends to NEED to cry before going to sleep.

- Still no rolling back to tummy, but he's very close. He can do it with a little bit of help.

- He has found his feet and finds them very delightful!

- He now has a definite interest in the cats. He does everything in his power (which, granted, isn't much right now) to try and grab them.

- He works very hard on crawling when he's on his tummy. The poor guy gets so frustrated that he works so hard and doesn't get anywhere! Half of me wants him to be able to do it, then other half is hoping it'll take months to learn!

- He still has blue eyes, but we fully expect them to turn brown like ours and Evan's.

- Evan plays and interacts with him more and more, and I think this makes Carter feel more part of the family :)