Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Archaic Medical Equipment

One of the interesting thing about seeing multiple doctors in various specialties is seeing the gamut of medical equipment they use.

Most of the doctors I work with use very modern and cutting edge technology like MRI and CT scanners - a lot of imaging is done for diagnostic purposes.

But, I've seen a few instruments that look like right out of a 1930s movie.

For example, have you ever had your hearing tested? You basically sit in a sound proof booth that looks like its from mid-century game show. The one I was in was even that green colour typical of appliances back in the 60s and 70s. The peripheral vision test equipment, and the office it was situated in, was from a similar era - complete with piles of folders of the same green and boxes and boxes of paper records.

Is it that not much has changed with technology in those areas, or am I just working with doctors who refuse to adapt and learn how to use new equipment (which is worrisome, really)?

But, I'm not the only one. DH's coworker was telling him the last time he visited an ENT specialist (Ears Nose and Throat). He actually had one of these on his head:

Are you like me and never realized that thing was actually useful and not just part of the caricature of a doctor? Apparently, there is a bright light situated behind the patient, then the doctor holds a reflective cone in the ear and reflects the light off this thing into the cone to see inside the ear. Yeah...the doctor used that set up rather than this highly sophisticated technical piece of equipment:

I think I might question my doctor's ability/sanity if they pulled that.

What's the weirdest piece of medical equipment you've seen?