Sunday, February 9, 2014

4 Months

Carter turned 4 months old on Feb. 8th! He is becoming less and less a newborn and more an interactive, fun baby.

- He loves to grab and hold things and can move them from hand to hand, and anything he gets in his hand(s) goes directly to the mouth.

- He loves to cuddle with something - my hand, his blanket, a stuffed animal - when he falls asleep.

- He found his thumb and sucks on it (Evan never did this, so this is new to me)

- He's been sick a couple of times - nothing serious, just colds, but he's gotten through like a champ. This is one of the good things of him being so big: he can fight things off easily.

- He really likes to watch other kids, and is totally in awe of them when they're around.

- He rolled over tummy-to-back on his 3-month birthday, but he's still working on the other way.

- He cat sit pretty well with a bit of support.

- His wakeful periods last for 1-2 hours, and it's getting hard to keep him entertained for such long periods!

- He's stopped taking his last bottle at night. So, instead of waking up to eat at about 10pm then going to bed, he has his last meal at about 8pm, plays for a while, then goes to sleep for the night and DH takes him upstairs when he's going to bed.

- Evan is starting to really enjoy him - playing with him, and helping more. He's even fed him! I'm SO excited about raising brothers!