Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Use of Time

I've been finding myself trying to keep myself really busy lately - probably a little too busy. Instead of just relaxing when Carter is napping, I've been working on a job application, putting together a mom/knitter group, catching up on our finances, doing chores, running errands, etc..

I know it's because I'm a bit lonely around here. I've also been setting up visits with friends, or calling family or friends, which is nice! It feels good to be social!

Basically I've just been keeping myself going and busy so I don't have much time to think or feel sad. It's working well in that regard! But, I know I need to balance things a bit more and make sure I'm spending down time doing things just for me - like knitting, reading, napping, or even watching TV.

Next week will hopefully be a bit better since my job application should be done and in. We also plan on getting a family membership to the YMCA, so I'll be able to go, drop Carter off at the child-minding centre, and get a workout in, or even just go sit in the hot tub! I'm looking forward to doing that a couple times a week!

I think once we get a routine down I'll feel more settled. I need to make sure we get out of the house or have people over, but I also need to make sure I'm getting some relaxation time in too! It's always a fine balance.