Friday, January 17, 2014


- I was given the okay to drive by my stroke specialist! Turns out, I actually didn't need an "okay", because I was never "not okay'd". It's good to have all my t's crossed and i's dotted anyway.

- Had a hair consultation and she evened out all my random length hair so it will grow out as best it can. Have to probably grow it out until May to be able to do anything reasonably stylist with it. Good timing in a way though, since I'd just be wearing a toque most of that time anyway!

- Stylist also found the walk-in doctor left a couple of stitches in. Good thing I had an appointment with my neurosurgeon the same day. Not a great use of his skills, but whatever!

- Carter giggled for the first time this week! What an amazingly sweet sound.

- Yesterday I was trying to ask Evan a question while he was watching TV, but he wasn't responding. After a few seconds, once he saw that I was looking at him waiting for him to say something, he said  "What? Did you say something to me?" LOL! It was like looking at the next 20 years.

- A restaurant across the street from us closed down last summer. Now I keep thinking what kind of cool things could go in there. It would be a perfect spot for a coffee shop, for example. Or an ice cream place in the summer. Or a yarn shop (our city really needs one in the south end). Too bad I have no business skills or know how, or know much about any of those types of goods/services.