Monday, January 20, 2014

Hard Transition

The past few months have included some tough changes and transitions for us. The latest one had my mom leaving a couple days ago. After having someone in the house for over three months, we are now back to our family of four (which we only were for 1 week before everything happened)!

It will be a tough transition for all of us. DH and I are feeling like we're missing our support system. I feel like I'll be a bit lonely during the week when Evan is at daycare and DH is at work (but I'll enjoy my one-on-one time with Carter, since we didn't get that before). Both Evan and Carter will get attention from less people, and we can tell they're missing having other people around too.

One thing that came out of all of this is DH and I have a much bigger appreciation for the importance of family and how great that support system is in times of need (and in "normal" times too). It's actually a large factor in making a possibly life-altering decision in the near future, but not something I want to write about just yet.

Meanwhile, we're trying to get back to "life as usual", even though we never had a "usual" life as a family of four. I guess we'll be defining that starting now!

We are also trying to make some plans for this year so we have some things to look forward too. We're planning a family vacation, possibly  renting a cottage within a couple hour's drive from here in the summer. We also hope that both our sets of parents will be able to make trips out here in the summer. DH's sister (and husband and daughter) might also make a trip out here in the spring!

Another big change will be career stuff for me. Will I be attending teacher's college in the fall (I find out April 1st if I got in), or will I find another suitable job instead?

Evan will also be starting kindergarten in the fall (Ack!) and Carter will be starting daycare at the same time!

Regardless of how everything goes, we're in for some changes and hopefully lots of fun this year too!