Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goals Recap

At the beginning of 2013, I made a list of goals. How did I do?

1. Read at least 15 books.
Nope - got to 12.

2. Finishing this afghan, and knit another baby blanket.
I did the second part, but still only 5/8 done the first.

3. Back to style, including: 
- Get a skin-care and make-up consultation, since my skin has changed a lot in the past few years.
- Focus my work style more by bringing in more of my own personality.
- Develop a casual/weekend wardrobe
- Pact: no going out in public in yoga pants unless actually going to do yoga or other workout.
I did the make-up consult, which was really nice, actually. I did fairly well on the yoga pants pact until I went on maternity leave in mid-September. Just haven't had time/money/energy for the others, and just was not a priority for me.

4. Get back into one of dance, music, or golf.
Nope - again, just kind of ran out of time/money/energy.

5. Planned charity giving.
Took part in Awesome London.

6. Get house more organized.
This is always a work in progress. DH did reorganize the basement, and I worked on some of our closets and such. Need to figure out better storage solution.

7. Make note of the little things.
I did pretty well with this by journalling fairly consistently throughout the year. I now have a separate journal for stroke-related things.

8. Become more in tune with my body.
Not good at all - low energy and being in pain/uncomfortable most of the year screwed with this one.

9. PD for work.
I attended a few workshops, conferences, etc.. But, having my job cut kinda put a damper on this one.

10. Nurture marriage more.
Another not so good one.

11. Try 24 new recipes.
Looks like I got about half-way there. Not bad, considering.

12. Have baby #2.
Hey, look! I can check this one off :)

So, didn't do well at all, but I'm okay with that. It was a tough year for so many reasons, so I'm just ready to leave 2013 behind and start fresh.

What about goals for 2014?
1. Get the okay to drive from doctors.
2. Knitting: finish afghan, and choose some new (smaller) projects.
3. Begin to learn to play the piano (DH got me a keyboard for Christmas!).
4. Decide on next step in career and make progress in that direction.
5. Read at least 1 book a month.
6. Find ways (and time!) to exercises.
7. Find new and fun things to do with the kids.
8. Figure out some storage solutions for our house.
9. Keep trying new and different recipes.
10. Get Evan fully potty trained by the time he starts school in September!
11. Find a way to be an advocate for or work with other stroke survivors.
12. (NEW!) Take care of myself more (specifically in terms of progressing in my recovery)