Friday, January 10, 2014

Diagnosis Update

I had an appointment with the stroke specialist today. I was a bit nervous, since I would be finding out the results of a CT scan that was done about a month ago.

It looks like the deformation in my blood vessels in my brain is normalizing. This is as expected with the diagnosis of a postpartum vasculopathy. This is very good news!

As for this happening again, because it was pregnancy-related, my chances would obviously increase if I were to get pregnant again (which is not in the plans at all). Even then, it wouldn't necessarily develop, and I would just have to be monitored closely during a pregnancy. In general, I'm at a slightly higher risk for suffering a stroke just because it's happened before. So, if I were to develop some other sort of health concern that increases chances of stroke (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc), then my chances would be ever-so-slightly higher than the average person with those same concerns. That's a bit of motivation to take care of myself.

She was also quite pleased with how I'm doing in general, and the only thing she can see is that I just have a very slight vision deficit in the lower-right quadrant (as before, but it's even better now). So, this is all very good, and I felt good leaving the appointment. I'll see her again in six months to follow-up.

I'm happy to be crossing all these doctors and therapists of the list!