Friday, January 3, 2014

A New Goal

I added a new goal to my 2014 list: to take better care of myself (mostly  to focus on my recovery from the stroke). This includes:

- Getting the rest I need. Right now, I still need to get to bed before 9pm and sometimes take an afternoon nap (though I don't need this nearly as often as before). My deficits get noticably worse if I'm tired. I need to be more in tune with this.

- Do the things my therapists ask me to do. I've been slacking on working on my recovery. I guess I feel like just living my life as normal will get me back to where I was before, but that's not how it works. So. I need to make a concerted effort on this front.

- Do more research on possible career paths: look for job opportunities that I'm already qualified for, figure out what skills I need to gain or work on or if I need additional training (and if I want to put time/money into getting that training).

- Do things that make me happy (like a lot of my other 2014 goals)

- Carve out alone time in order to do all these things.