Wednesday, January 8, 2014

3 Months

Carter is 3 months old! When he was born, it was still warm and sunny, and now we're having the coldest temperatures I can remember. Yuck. Good things we have things to celebrate around here, because this weather is depressing!

- This kid loves to smile! And it's so cute with his big chubby cheeks! He's not laughing/giggling yet, but I think it'll be soon because he's making noises when he smiles - and how awesome will that be?

- He can give an awfully cute pouty face! I wish I had a photo - it breaks our hearts, but it's so cute it makes us laugh.

- He loves to snuggle with DH in the evenings, and especially likes it when DH sings "then ants go marching". That relaxes him 98% of the time!

- He's a talker! In fact, he was born a talker - he talked for a good 45 minutes as soon as he was born. Now he coo's all the time and loves having conversations with anybody, especially grandma and grandpa.

- He adores his big brother! He'll just lie there and watch Evan do whatever he's doing. It's adorable! It's cool to already see that relationship developing.

- He's a big fan of his swing, and being walked around. Movement always seems to calm him down.

- He outgrew his bassinet and is now in his crib.

- At night he goes to sleep between 10-11pm and sleeps until 8:30am. Yes, we know we're very lucky in the sleep department! Yay for us! He also tends to have 1-2 longish naps during the day, and otherwise has shorter naps in between feeds.

- He is very alert and interactive when he's awake. He loves to look at toys and books, and has found the TV.

- He loves to exercise on the floor, but hates tummy time (just like his brother) - though, to be honest, we're not very diligent about that ;) Actually, as of today, he's doing pretty well with it!

- He rolled over (tummy to back) for the first time today!

3-month measurements:
Head circumference: 42.25cm (74%)
Length: 64cm (85%)
Weight: 14lbs 14.5oz (79%)