Sunday, December 1, 2013

Growing Up

There have been so many changes in Evan lately - he is no longer a toddler and definitely a little boy.

Watching him play independently is amazing - he uses voices, sound effects, comes up with crazy scenarios, wants us to "watch him" or "look at this!".

Playing with him is even more fun. The other day, we were playing with his cars, and making them jump over barriers, and getting them to bash into each other, and getting them to race. It was like I got to play like a little boy too . Watching him and DH play is hilarious. They just have so much fun together, and I love seeing them rough-house, laughing hysterically, and just being boys together. I cant wait until Carter gets in the mix too!

His sense of humour is developing. I love seeing him laugh when he sees something funny on TV or something - it's so cool that he gets verbal humour! It's also awesome when he says/does something funny on purpose  - like when he changes the words of a story, or makes "mommy's angry face"! LOL!

Some of the things he says and does just makes me realize he's getting older.

- He can get undressed and dressed all by himself
- He can go to the bathroom by himself (don't worry, I won't get int potty training details here!)
- Sometimes when we ask him to do something is he says "um, just a minute, I'm busy"
- He loves to negotiate, and always starts with "Well, how about...?" (with the "well" dragged out super long). 
- He's a big fan of playing games on the iPad
- He loves helping with adult chores - like shovelling the driveway, putting away laundry, and raking leaves 
- Recent conversation after him seeing a commercial for a certain toy:

"Mom, I want that"
"Well, maybe Santa will bring it for you"
"But, we can just go to the toy store and buy it"
"We can't just spend money anytime you want something"
"But, it's okay, I have money" (he goes to DH's bowl where he keeps his keys and change and grabs the coins) "see? Now I have money. Let's go to the toy store"
"Evan, they might not have it there"
"Well, we can just go to another store."

And my favourite: he tells me and DH he loves us just randomly :)

He has an amazing memory. He remembers that I broke a latch on a container that holds a set of his blocks when he was about a year old! He's also really good at playing memory with cards (he's way better than I am!

I think that it's awesome he tells me about his day when he gets home, and that we can have extended conversations.

Evan being pretty happy with himself after getting dressed for daycare on his own :)