Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Brain Bleed

Well things have kind of hit the fan since Carter was born.

About a week after he was born, my midwife was over to do a check up, and I had a sudden headache right in the middle of my forehead and my blood pressure shot way up. I went to the ER, and it turns out I had a bleed in my brain, so they had to do brain surgery, I’ve been in the hospital ever since.

My condition is called postpartum Vasculopathy - basically a constriction or deformation of the blood vessels in my brain. It is related to pregnancy,and is expected to correct itself within 3 months of the birth.

I lost some physical and mental functions – mostly fine motor skills (on the right side) and some memory issues. Right now I’m at a stroke rehab centre in town, and am working with all kinds of people (physical therapist, occupational therapists, social workers, speed therapist, etc, etc.).

It’s all been a blur, and very weird sometimes,

Luckily, it seems I’m recovering well (though sometimes it doesn’t fee like it to me. I get frustrated when I can’t do things as easily as  I used to – like reading, talking (!) and typing for example.)

Thankfully I get to see the kids and DH, and I even get to do home visits now. Just last weekend we finally got to celebrate Evan’s 3rd birthday.

We are very lucky that both sets of grandparents were able to come out to help, and DH’s parents and my mom are all still here. Its been amazing having so much support and help , especially knowing the kids are well taken care of.