Friday, September 6, 2013

PG Milestones

Here I am, with one week to go before going on maternity leave. There are some job-related things I'd like to blog about, but think I'll wait until after I'm on leave for that. 

My near-term goals right now are all baby related. Here are the milestones I hope to reach:

34 weeks (yesterday!): at this point, I can be in the care of my midwife regardless of where I give birth.

34w4d (next Monday) OR 35 weeks (next Thursday): When Evan was born (34w4d according to ultrasound dating, or 35 weeks according to my chart), so we'd have a good idea of what to expect if this one comes at/near the same time.

35w1d (next Friday): my last day of work, and our 5th wedding anniversary

37 weeks (Sept. 26th): full-term, which means I can decide to have a home birth if there are no complications. 

Oct. 17: Estimated due date. At this point, we'd start thinking about when to induce.

I desperately want to make it to 37 weeks this time, but baby can come at any time after that date. Ideally, I'm hoping for a late-September or early-October baby. But, who knows, this time baby might decide to totally surprise me and come late!

What is your guess for delivery date?