Monday, September 2, 2013

End of Summer

Well, it's the Monday of Labour Day weekend - what I always consider the last weekend of summer. So, looking back at our summer bucket list, how did we do?

- Plant a garden - Yup! Though not many things grew very well. A green-thumb, I am not. But, we'll try again next year.

- Get deck built - Yes! This was done in May, and we're very happy with it. 

- Furniture, planters, and flowers for deck - Partial check. We got a patio set, but are waiting until next year to do planter and such. 

- Paint and decorate Jelly Bean's room - check!

- Thomas the Train event - nope. Decided it was too expensive.

- Vacation at a lake with the ILs - yup.

- Swimming at the local pool - yes! We went to the public pool once, and got invited to friend's homes with pools a couple times. He really enjoyed it, and I wish we could do this more often.

- Pick strawberries - yes, and blueberries too!

- Chalk-board wall in kitchen - no, but it's on our to-do list.

- Garage sale - yes! We did okay, and we ended up selling more online afterward. 

- Beach visits - yes! We went to the beach twice this summer, and Evan loved it!

- Visit 5 new playgrounds - yes!

- Farmer's market - not specifically, but we did buy produce from local fruit/veggie stands, so I'll say yes.
- Local festivals - Yup! We hit up a few of them, and will do another today.
- Fly a kite - didn't do this. Maybe in the fall!

- Go for bike rides - we tried a couple times, but Evan is still a bit young for this. 

- Finish knitting Jelly Bean's blanket- not yet. I'm about 60% done. It might end up becoming a Christmas present at this rate :S

What were the highlights of your summer?