Friday, September 20, 2013

At Least I'm Not Alone

Man, knitting baby blankets might be the most boring thing ever. I'm not alone in my feelings either --- even professional knitters find it boring. Good thing baby blankets are amazing things in the end, or it wouldn't be worth it!

I started this blanket back in April, and I still have four pattern repeats plus the border to do. I'm hoping to get it done before Jelly Bean arrives, but not sure how likely that is. Hopefully he's not waiting for it to be finished before making his debut.

 Fig. 1: The never-ending baby blanket (pattern - Sunny Baby Blanket)

To make myself feel better, I've knitting another hat for CLICK for Babies, and also a hat to get Jelly Bean ready for football when he finally arrives.

 Fig. 2: Football baby hat (based on this pattern).

I realize this isn't helping in finishing the baby blanket, but at least I'm finishing SOMETHING!