Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sweetheart to Ruthless Hunter in 3 Days

I've had my cat, Isaac, for 11 years now. He's been an indoor cat for all that time. But, this past summer, he's decided he wants to spread his wings and roam free. 

He goes in and out generally as he pleases, but we do make sure he's inside at night. He used to just hangout in the backyard, but now roams the neighbourhood. I know I shouldn't let him do that, but 1) have you tried telling a cat where they can and cannot go?, 2) there are other cats around here that do the same thing, and 3) he's 11 - I feel like he's earned the right to put himself in danger of getting caught in a garage, getting stuck in the rain, or chased by neighbours with axes.

He's been having a good time with it all, I think. He has a swagger to him that he didn't before - like he's saying "I'm a real cat now, biotches!!"

But, something changed in the last 3 days. He's brought home 4 dead mice and left them on our deck. And, by the pile of feathers we found in the backyard, we're pretty sure he at least attempted to kill a bird. I get that cats like to bring their owners...umm..."gifts"...but it's pretty nasty. 

My sweet little cuddle cat has turned into a ruthless killing machine! I'm a little scared he might slice my neck open in my sleep. 

Good thing we still have our other cat who's so lazy she can't even be bothered to lick her butt, and has absolutely no interest in going outside.