Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wallet Woes

Just got back from vacation, which started with me leaving my wallet in the family washroom at a highway rest-stop. I didn't realize it until we got to our destination - about 4 hours later.

I called the rest-stop, and the lady I talked to said someone turned it in! Hooray! What luck! I told her that we would pick it up on our way home a week later.

After a week of no wallet, I was so relieved when we pulled into the parking lot of the rest-stop. I went up to the counter, gave them my name and the description of my wallet, and off they went to grab it. But, when they returned with nothing in their hand, I was a bit confused. Apparently, there was no wallet in the typical lost-and-found location, and no note of my phone call the week before. 


They looked again. They got another staff person to look. They got the manager to look. 


WTF? How could it be that the lady on the phone told me they had it and it not be there? Did it just disappear?

The managers that were on duty last weekend (when I lost my wallet and called) aren't working until Monday, so they might have some answers then. But, seriously, did it grow legs and walk away? Did the lady lie to me and said they had it when they didn't (why on Earth would she do that)? 

It makes sense logically that it's there, but I'm waiting in limbo right now, wondering if/when I should start canceling and replacing all my cards (no strange purchases have been made yet), and finding it annoying that I can't just run to the store or whatever if I need something.

I'm blaming this on pregnancy brain.