Sunday, February 24, 2013

Community Involvement

Over the past couple of years, I've had a yearning to become more involved in our community. Until recently, it's been more at the cerebral level, where I keep up with our community newsletter, and get excited when I hear about cool stuff going on in our city. But, a couple months ago I attended a conference that opened my eyes to just how much awesome stuff is going on in our city, and how many amazing people are making them happen.

That's when I heard about Awesome London, and I decided right then and there to be a part of it. There are four teams of 10 trustees, and half our team met for the first time yesterday. I felt a bit humbled when I found out I was in a room with a city councillor, the executive director of a local museum, a business analyst, and a business consultant/coach/facilitator. With all the experience in the room - and many of them knowing each other - it was hard not to feel like maybe I shouldn't be there. But, then again, I have to start somewhere, and maybe that will be me in the future :)

Awesome London has given away one $1000 grant, and tomorrow the second team will decide on the second winner. But, what's cool, is it seems it doesn't just end at the award night. The three presenters on the first night have all been in contact, seeing how they can help each other. Word gets out, and one of the other presenters received financial backing from private donors. 

The connections made are invaluable, and it's quite possible being involved in Awesome London can change lives....very cool and awesome stuff, indeed.