Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mantel Decor Update

A few weeks ago, I posted about how I wasn't super happy with our mantel decor, especially given how our wonderful new fireplace is now the focal point of the room. I received a lot of good ideas on the blog and Facebook, and took the advice to put something much larger above the fireplace.

So, after spending a couple weeks searching around with no luck, I went to a local art shop (The Art Bank Gallery) and they were amazingly helpful. They first got me to pull any art that called to me, regardless of the size, price, etc.. They really just wanted to see what I was going for. From there, they made some recommendations and I took a piece home to test and a few other ideas.

DH and I both fell in love with the local photography of Andrew Collett, and ended up going that route:

Though DH tends toward a de-cluttered (I like to call it "minimalist") decor, it just didn't look right to not have anything on the mantel. So, I put back some of the stuff we had there before, and flushed it out with some of our nicer looking books. 

I'm not sure about it right now - I'm wondering if I should reduce the amount of "things", or if I should try to find larger/taller pieces to put on either sides of the windows. 

Any thoughts or suggestions?