Thursday, November 22, 2012


I love that Evan is talking more and more, and his vocabulary and pronunciation are getting better by the day. Before he's talking like one of us, I just wanted to jot down some Evanisms that make this time so cute:

Pibbow = Pillow

Armpit = Elephant

Peas = Please

Moke = Milk

Shub up = shut up (yes, he says this, but only when the cats meow)

Geen = Green (this is probably a common one, but cute nonetheless)

He also has some words & phrases that are totally our influence:

G bar = granola bar

PB, PB&J = peanut butter, peanut butter and jam

Headbutt (along with action) - thanks to DH for this!

Gampa? - said every time our computer makes iChat like noises (we often iChat with my parents)

Fuff = cat (that's mine from when I was a kid)

Fistbump, Boom! ("boom" after the fistbump is complete) 

Games he likes to play:

Boom = a game we play in the bathtub where we bump two bath toys together over and over (and over and over) again.

Ramp = daddy makes a ramp out of cushions and books for his cars and trains. Sometimes there are tunnel requests as well.

Fote (fort) = cushion forts, of course!

Race = he squats down, points to the floor/ground next to him, and says "race" until one of us squats beside him. The race is done when he squats down and says "race" again.

Jumping Bean = he says this over and over as he jumps up and down on whatever furniture he's standing on and/or jumps onto us.

I hope to keep track of the funny and interesting things he says and does more, because these are the things that make him his own little person and I want to remember it all when he's older