Saturday, September 1, 2012

Morning Makeover Check-In

Earlier this week, I wrote about how I was inspired to take advantage of early morning hours, when I tend to be more motivated and positive about trying new things. My main goal is to re-introduce exercise into my life.

Each week, I'll update how I'm doing. This will be more for my own benefit than for my readers, because writing it down for people to see might keep my motivation up.

Week 1 goal: actually waking up early and getting my butt moving somehow.
Monday: 35 minute walk
Wednesday: 30 minute bike-ride
Friday: 30 minute walk

Yay for achieving my weekly goal! I think I'll keep this goal for the next week as well, to keep things realistic. Some thoughts on the process so far:

- It's getting darker each morning, so I need to get a jacket with reflective tape - or buy reflective tape to put on a jacket I already have.
- I need a digital watch so I don't have to bring my iPhone.
- Even if I'm feeling crappy in the morning, getting out makes me feel better (this happened on Friday morning)