Friday, July 6, 2012

International Laughter

As we were channel surfing last night, we came across Just for Laughs Gags (a comedy show done with no verbal communication), and it immediately reminded me of one of my favorite memories:

We were on a plane in South America - flying from Lima to Cuzco. The flight was full of people from all different countries, since Cuzco is the city where most Inca Trail hikers acclimatize to the altitude (so, therefore, full of tourists).

Most people couldn't communicate with each other but, at some point, they put on Just For Laughs Gags on the overhead TVs. At first, it was nice just to see something from back home, but then I quickly realized that - in spite of the different languages and cultures on the plane - the language of humour is the same everywhere. When someone dressed as a bear jumped out from behind something to scare someone, or some guy got hit in the balls, everyone laughed.

I loved humanity that day.