Friday, June 29, 2012

Guest Post: I am an...

Mari, a friend of mine from another online venue and commenter on the blog, wanted to add a post to my "I am an..." meme. Thanks for writing, Mari! You can see my post and a list of others here.

When I was a young kid I was quiet and shy. I had a lot of trouble making friends in school and felt like an outsider most of the times. I did enjoy playing with  my sister and brother and with my many cousins, so I wasn't really lonely. I also discovered books, and spent many, many hours with them. I loved pink, lace, flowers and dresses. Unfortunately, my mom (who is a very sensible woman) thought those clothes were not comfortable and got too dirty, so instead I had to use lots of navy blues and tartans.

As a teenager I had already found the way to making friends, and had a good group of girlfriends in school. I also was part of the church's youth groups. I discovered boys, but somehow I managed to always fall for the guy who didn't know I existed. I also discovered that I loved history, if "ancient" much better. I dreamed to become an archaeologist... I had trouble fitting with the moment's ideal of beauty, but I managed to stay in a healthy place about my body.

Out of High School, I had to decide a career path... Archaeology seemed so hard and distant... I wanted a family someday, and babies and excavations didn't seem compatible.  One day I realized that what I loved the most about history was to learn "how people lived", and that buildings were a huge part of that. I still don't know why it seemed like such a good idea, but I started to study architecture.

I was also really active in the youth groups, becoming a leader for the younger kids, always going on church camps and retreats. I made friendships in those years that are still strong. I also made the usual amount of mistakes regarding men and relationships, usually because I fell in love with my mental picture of the guy, instead of who the guy really was.

Once I graduated I started to explore other interests, like landscaping, and have been trying ever since to make a business out of it. I met my husband, married and had two kids. I spend most of my days in sweats, but I like to wear high heels and make up when going out.

I still love reading and history, but there is so much more now, like gardening, cooking, sewing and just enjoying being a wife and a mom.