Thursday, June 28, 2012

The End is Near

This is the last week for many of the ladies who work at Evan's daycare. From now until the end of the summer, there will be three teachers, the director, and the chef.

It's a sad time. Evan's favorite teacher is leaving. He loves her, and she loves him just as much. There were times when she was the only one that could hold him, and they still snuggle together every morning. She was such an important person in his life - not just for cuddles, but for everything he has learned in the last year. Things we will be forever thankful for but will never have enough words or gifts to express that. Hopefully we can manage to stay in touch. She will be having her own little bundle in just a few weeks, and she'll be an amazing mom.

We will be bring in cupcakes tomorrow and giving each leaving teacher a card with a photo of Evan in it, but I wish we could do more (like keep the daycare itself open). Inspired by Kim at The Money Pit, I am including a poem in each card:

The Hand Holder
A Tribute to Childcare Providers
There is no job more important than yours,
no job anywhere else in the land.
Your are the keepers of the future:
you hold the smallest of hands.
Into your care you are trusted
to nurture and care for the young,
and for all of your everyday heroics,
your talents and skills go unsung.
You wipe tears from the eyes of the injured.
You rock babies brand new in your arms.
You encourage the shy and unsure child.
You make sure they are safe from all harm.
You foster the bonds of friendships,
letting no child go away mad.
You respect and you honor their emotions.
You give hugs to each child when they're sad.
You have more impact than does a professor,
a child's mind is molded by four;
so whatever you lay on the table
is whatever that child will explore.
Give each child the tools for adventure,
let them be artists and writers and more;
let them fly in the wind and dance on the stars
and build castles of sand on the shore.
It is true that you don't make much money
and you don't get a whole lot of praise,
but when one small child says, "I love you,"
you're reminded of how this job pays.
~ By Dori Rossmann
Executive Director, Kids Town USA

With this downsizing at the daycare and subsequent dwindling numbers throughout the summer, going on a couple long(ish) plane rides to visit both sets of grandparents in July, mommy going away on business for a few days in August, and finally starting at a new place in September, the next couple of months will bring big changes for Evan.