Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vacations (make you think)

After a bumpy start (DH got rear-ended two hours before we wanted to leave - luckily it was minimal damage and we ended up leaving on time), our vacation last week ended up being amazing. I even went in with high hopes and was not disappointed.

We stayed at a cottage in Port Stanton, Ontario, and it was beautiful (the cottage and the location). We spent a ton of time outdoors, going on hikes, playing shuffleboard and basketball, or just hanging out at one of the playgrounds or on the beach. Evan even learned how to make forts out of couch cushions! In the evenings we watched hockey or our favorite shows, read, enjoyed the jacuzzi and hot tub, and I did some knitting. We were almost entirely unplugged - we could only check our work email - which was glorious. 

Glorious enough to get me thinking. One of my 2012 resolutions was to spend less time on the internet and watching TV, and I've been doing a horrible job with it. Having that time away from Facebook, Twitter, blogs (both my own and my huge RSS feed), and various other sites I keep up with was eye-opening. It made me realize that a) I don't wind down in the evenings if I'm on the internet and that leads to not-so-great sleep, b), it means I don't read or knit as much as I would like, which is much more relaxing, c) when I have access to the internet I feel obligated to keep up with specific sites and I can't just read things here and there - I have to read it all: all status updates, all blog posts in full, etc., and d) my blog has become a bit of a chore lately and I think this is mostly because I have tried to keep a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule no matter what.

Now, I'm not going to go crazy here - I'm not going to completely disengage from the internet or anything. But, I really want to make a concerted effort to cut back. I'm going to shut down my computer by 8:30pm each evening. I'm going to stop blogging on a schedule and just do it when I feel like it. I'm going to pare down my RSS feed (or at least try to stop having to ready every single post in one sitting). 

So, not only was our vacation wonderfully relaxing and fun, but hopefully it will help to kick my butt into gear too!