Friday, February 17, 2012


Never in a million years would I have ever thought I'd be a producer and co-host of a radio show...but in 10 days that will be a reality!

A few weeks back, a post-doc I work with came to me with an idea for a radio show. He had been involved with one at York University (York Universe, on the astronomy.fm internet radio station), but now that he was here at Western, and since we have the largest planetary science group in Canada, he thought it would be fun to start our own show.

So, starting on February 27th, each Monday night at 10pm (Eastern) - directly following York Universe - we will run a 30-minute pre-taped interview show called Western Worlds. Each show will consist of a 20-minute interview with a scientist, engineer, researcher, or educator who is involved in the planetary science community. Following the interview, there will be a 10-minute round-table discussion with 3-4 of our volunteer co-hosts. We'll also do specials from time to time, when there is something particularly interesting going on in the community (like when the Mars Science Laboratory lands in August, for example).

My favorite part is that I get to bring in the education and outreach perspective to the interviews and round table discussion, which is a much different perspective than everyone else involved in the program.

I hope you tune in!