Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Resolutions

I didn't do too badly on my 2011 resolutions - 6 for 10 (that's about the going rate with my yearly goals). Here are my goals for 2012 - 12 of them this year:

1. 20 books + review
In 2011, I managed to read 15 books even when I was at home with Evan for the first 6 months. I figure I can bump this goal back up to 20. As per last year, I'll also rate and review each book on the blog.

2. Finish afghan
I was pretty disappointed with my level of commitment to my knitting in 2011. I really enjoy it, and I want to dedicate more time to it. So, my hope is I can at least finish my afghan (which is 1/4 complete) that I started a year ago.

3. Re-evaluate financial portfolio
We put a good portion of money in mutual funds and such a couple years ago, we have our rainy-day savings account, and we have started an education fund for Evan. Some things aren't growing as well as they could be. Now that we both have full-time jobs, we have an opportunity to move some things around and reassess our plan.

4. Be more thankful, stop complaining
We met with a friend of ours over Christmas and, during our conversation, I couldn't help noticing how negative DH and I are about our lives. It's a bit sad, considering we're actually doing very well. So, we need to shut up about it, appreciate the things we have, and not focus on what we don't have.

5. Work on "big plan"
I have an idea on how I can eventually make a living working for myself. This year, I'd like to do some research on the logistics and legalities of this plan to see if it's viable.

6. Try two new recipes per month, and take a baking or cooking class
I really enjoyed my cooking goal last year, so this year I'm upping the ante to try more recipes and to get some additional training.

7. Incorporate strength training
I always have fitness goals, and they always fall flat, but I refuse to let it go. This year, it's going to be more specific. I have issues with my neck and shoulders, and have for a few years. The only time the pain has subsided was when I was working with a personal trainer in the months before our wedding. I want to consistently do exercises for my neck and shoulders to help with this.

8. Monthly date nights
DH and I need to have time to ourselves. It's tough, since we don't have family in town who can help out with Evan. But, I think it's important for our relationship and our sanity to spend some one-on-one time together. We have our January date-night set up already!

9. Be more assertive/take-charge at work
This includes (yet again) getting better at confrontations. In general though, I need to remind myself that I get to make the final call on a lot of decisions, and I can't make everyone happy all the time (and that's okay). It might be good for me to take a class on personnel management.

10. Keep up with deep cleaning
We have cleaners come in every two weeks, which is a great way for us to buy time to do other things. They only do surface cleaning though, unless we want to pay extra. We have been awful at doing deeper cleaning. This year, I'd like to stay on top of it.

11. Fix up front patio and do landscaping in front yard
Our front patio looks pretty horrid. The paint is all faded and chipping, and the color of the deck (red) and ceiling (brown) is not great. There are bushes in front of the patio that aren't to our liking. DH will most likely take a week off in the spring and spruce up this area of our home.

12. Less TV and internet
Every year I put this down, and every year I fail. I don't care though, because I know how important it is to stop wasting my time! I have all these other things I want to do (see resolutions above), and I can't do them if I'm spending my time mindlessly watching TV or surfing the net.

You can read how I am doing on my resolutions page!