Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 Resolution Recap

At the beginning of 2011, I made 10 resolutions - or goals as I like to call them. Throughout the year, I updated my resolutions page so I could keep track of how things were going. So, how did I do?

Reading: 12-15 books and doing a book review for each
I read 15 books, and wrote a review for each one. You can see what I read and check out the links to each review on my books page.

Knitting: make a sweater, an afghan, and these slippers
I didn't do too well on this one. I did start an afghan and am 1/4 of the way done...and that's all. I'm disappointed in this, because I really enjoy knitting but clearly I didn't carve out enough time for it. I'm going to work on this in 2012.

Activity: find ways to get off my butt, especially when home with Evan
Evan and I took swimming lessons in the spring...and that's about it. I did sign up for kayaking lessons, but they were cancelled. I also tried to start biking more, but that fell through. I'm really, really awful about incorporating exercise into my life, but I know this is something that I need desperately to work on. I need to be more healthy, and this is a big part of it.

Social Mom: join a mom's group or get together with other mothers
I think I did pretty well with this while I was at home with Evan. I didn't join any groups, but I got together with other moms at least 1-2 times per week.

Ask for what I want: at work and at home
✖+ This is an ongoing issue - I do expect people to read my mind, especially DH. I think I made a bit of progress this year, but not as much as I would have liked. These types of goals are also hard to quantify, since it's really something one works on over a life time.

Pumping: until at least 6 months, exclusively if possible
I pumped until Evan was almost 7 months old - for the last month or so, he was on both breast milk and formula as I weened myself. I think that was quite the accomplishment!

Internet/TV addiction: only watch TV shows I want to watch, and only go on the internet when I have something specific to do.
I did horribly on this one. I am a self-confessed TV and internet addict. It is not cool. I waste a lot of time, especially in the evenings, bumming around on the net. We are fairly good at only watching TV shows we like, but we apparently like a lot of shows.

Experiment with cooking/baking: try a new recipe at least once a month.
I tried 16 new recipes this year - some were great and are now part of our regular rotation (like the cream soups), some were a bust (like the turkey soup). I quite enjoyed this resolution!
- Jan. 9th: Banana bread
- Feb. 21st: Cream of broccoli soup
- Mar. 13th: Cheddar Gourgeres
- Apr. 13th: Fresh Pear and Curry Pasta
- Apr. 22nd: Crunchy Chicken
- Apr. 24th: Lemon Bars
- May 20th: Double-baked fries
- June 3rd: BBQ Ribs
- Aug. 7th: Neapolitan pizza
- Aug. 28th: Cedar Plank Salmon
- Aug. 30th: Spinach and Ricotta Mac & Cheese
- Oct. 5th: Turkey Soup
- Oct. 23rd: Potato and Leek Soup
- Oct. 27th: Mexican Style Shredded Pork
- Nov. 27th: Sugar Cookies
- Dec. 11th: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Get some style: reclaim my sense of style - at least before I start working again!
I had a wonderful experience with a personal stylist, and I wrote about it in a series of five posts back in May! I got a different haircut, which I still love, since I can style it in three different ways pretty easily. I love the feeling that I look put together - it still gives me a confidence boost, and I just find it fun!

Great-grandmother visit in May
Evan and I took a trip to Saskatchewan and Alberta to visit with both my grandmothers. They loved meeting him, and the trip was awesome!

So, the final tally is 6, 3 , and 1 ✖+ (I made an effort, but it's an ongoing change I need to work on). Not bad!

Stay tuned for my 2012 resolutions!