Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Something Blue: A Book Review

I love reading "girlie novels" every once in a while. It's like cleansing my pallet between heavier subjects. And, really, who doesn't love some fun reading sometimes?

My most recent "chick lit" novel was Something Blue by Emily Giffin. This is complimentary book to her Something Borrowed. The story picked up where the first left off, but was told from the perspective of the antagonist, Darcy.

Something Borrowed was about how the protagonist, Rachel (the good girl), ended up stealing Darcy's fiance (Dex)...all while Darcy was cheating on Dex with his friend Marcus. Something Blue picked up at the very last scene of the first book, where Darcy finds out about Rachel and Dex, and tells them that she is pregnant with Marcus's baby.

We are all supposed to hate Darcy, because she is self-centered, materialistic, and completely bases any judgement of others on looks, what they wear, and how much money is in their bank account. It works. I hated her in the first book, and I was a bit wary of reading the second because I didn't really want to hear her story.

Of course, in Something Blue, Darcy goes through some trials and tribulations, moves to another country to start over, and in the process becomes a completely different woman and meets the man of her dreams (who was right under her nose the whole time). Believable? Hell, no! Enjoyable to read? Yes! I was addicted to this book and read it in just a few evenings.

For what it is - a light, fun, heart-warming read - I give this book a 4/5.