Monday, November 21, 2011

Discipline for a 1-Year-Old?

Evan is doing things that we'd rather him not do, like pulling my hair, rocking the TV stand, and putting things down the heating vents, among others.

I know he's too young for time-outs (though we do put him in his playpen for a while if he's really getting into things) or any real sort of discipline, and that's not really what we want to do at this stage anyway. We'd rather be able to teach him that certain behaviors are unacceptable.

We do tell him "No, Evan" firmly, but he just looks at us, smiles, then goes back to doing what he was doing. Distraction tends to work most of the time, but sometimes we're not able to for some reason or another.

So, any other tips from the peanut gallery? Anything that really worked for you with kids of this age? Anything that really didn't?