Monday, November 7, 2011

Apple Pie

Contrary to what my blog title suggests, I have never baked an apple pie. Shocking, I know. I'm honestly not a huge fan. There are many other cakes, pies, and other deserts that I'd rather have.

However, one of my fall bucket list items was to bake my first ever apple pie, so that's what I did on Sunday afternoon. I used a recipe called Best Apple Pie Ever from the The Complete Canadian Living Cookbook, and it did not disappoint.

Fig. 1: Don't judge this apple pie by the way it looks...trust me, it was amazing.

I often find apple pie too sweet, so using Granny Smith apples kept that at bay. I'm very happy with the result, and might do it again sometime!

As for the rest of the bucket list, we've done the family portraits, had an awesome Thanksgiving dinner (which DH made this year), celebrated Evan's birthday with a cake and small party, dressed up Evan for Halloween and attended a local street party/parade, went to a pumpkin patch, have taken walks, and played in the leaves. I'm not sure if DH and I will be able to take a day or two off together, and I have not cast-on for a sweater for Evan.

How is your fall going?