Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Things Change Quickly

As I mentioned in my last post, Evan had croup last week. It was pretty rough for him, and he was pretty lethargic and downright pathetic at some points. But, he rallied back and was in tip-top shape to meet his Aunt and cousin on the weekend.

We all had a good visit (despite my being brutally sick, and DH starting to come down with it too). During the weekend, though, I noticed something in Evan had changed. He had always had a lot of energy, but it seemed like he was making up for lost time when he was sick. He was all over the place, constantly getting into everything. We have about 100 photos, and he's on the move in all of them.

Not only that, but he's playing different too - there's a lot more banging, throwing, and crashing things. It was like that before, but not like this.

Then, this evening, I hear DH say "Oh my God - have you seen where he is?". I thought he was just playing in the front entrance area. Nope. He had climbed half way up the stairs. He hasn't ever climbed a single stair before today. Now he's climbed several. In a row. In a very short period of time.

Definitely time to get another baby gate (right now, we only have one for the top of the stairs to the basement) - the last thing I need is him climbing up and then tumbling all the way back down!

I'm starting to come to another conclusion: Evan is definitely moving toward little boy-dom!