Friday, September 2, 2011


- Evan had/has croup, and has been pretty miserable all week. It's been tough for him to sleep because he gets all congested when he lies down, and the hacking cough keeps him up as well. Needless to say, Mom and Dad haven't been sleeping well either.

- Yesterday, I started feeling really sick too. Now I have a brutally sore throat. Can adults get croup? Or is it just a bad cough/sore throat for us?

- Evan is FINALLY crawling on his hands and knees consistently. I guess he's figured out that it's more efficient than the army/spiderman crawl.

- My job is FINALLY official!! I had been working as a post-doc since June, waiting for HR to post the job, go through the interview process, and get an offer. The contract was signed yesterday, so HORRAY!

- DH's sister and her daughter (who is 1.5 months younger than Evan) are coming to visit for the weekend! We are very excited to meet our little niece, and I'm sure we'll be taking 100s of photos of the babies together.

Happy long weekend, everyone!