Monday, September 19, 2011

11 Months

Only one more month until Evan is a year? NUTS!

- He now always crawls on his hands and knees and is super fast.

- He loves climbing the stairs. One day, without ever climbing a single stair before, he went almost all the way up the staircase.

- Currently, he has three teeth coming in: the two top front teeth, and a lower front one. They're all through the gums now, which I assume is the most painful part. I'm guessing he'll find eating a lot easier now!

- This has been a bad month for him being sick. First, he had a cold, which turned into croup. Then he had a stomach bug. Now he has a runny nose and cough again. I haven't fared much better, catching the cold, getting a brutal soar throat, and getting a double ear infection.

- All of the babies he was with at daycare during the summer moved up to the next room. We were wondering if it would bother him, but apparently not. It's nice that he's with other babies of the same mobility ability (crawling, not walking), and it sounds like he has a new girlfriend already!

- He is such a quiet observer when we're out and about or with people he's not familiar with. Only when he's comfortable with someone, his true personality comes out: He can be such a ham, giving smiles, talking, and flirting.

- He had his first haircut!

- He got to meet his cousin and aunt this month! It was so cute watching the two babies together.

Happy 11 months, little man!