Monday, August 1, 2011

Motorcycles & Sweetgrass: A Book Review

At our last meeting, our book club decided to go nuts and chose, not one, but two books. Motorcycles & Sweetgrass by Drew Hayden Taylor was the first one I decided to tackle.

This story takes place on a Native Reserve in - from what I can gather from the story - somewhere in Northern Ontario. As the matriarch of a family is on her death bed, a stranger shows up and changes everything.

It was an easy, quick, and fun read. The story was fast-paced to keep my attention, but was simple enough to be able to follow without needing to make notes or go back. Although the story itself was uncomplicated, there were a few serious issues intertwined, such as residential schools, alcoholism, politics, single parenthood, and more. This book gives a bit of insight into what life is like for adults and children living on a Native Reserve in Canada - a perspective not often read/talked about.

This was a great book; well-deserving of being a 2010 Governor General's finalist. I give this book a 4/5.