Tuesday, July 19, 2011

9 Months

9 months --- Evan has lived longer in the real world now than in my belly (I guess this was true last month too, but whatever).

- He is still sleeping right through the night, usually from about 8pm until 6:30-7am. We won the sleeping-baby lottery, because he's been doing this since about three months.

- He LOVES bath time now! It completely changed overnight. One day, we stood him in the water for a few minutes and then were able to sit him down (before he would be as stiff as a board and we couldn't get him to sit), and ever since then he just adores bath time. Even though it takes way longer now, since we let him play and splash around, it's so much nicer.

- He can army crawl like a champ. He can get on to his hands and knees from a sitting position, but for some reason prefers the army crawl. The cats are not happy now that he's mobile, though he's still slow enough that they can escape his reach easily.

- He can pull himself up on to his knees and on to his feet from certain positions.

- He started daycare and absolutely adores it. This makes Mommy and Daddy very happy.

- He's so amazing when we take him out. He loves people watching, and he loves trying all sorts of different foods when we go out to eat. So much easier than when he was a fussy-pants in his earlier months!

- We're dealing with his first-ever fever at the moment. I guess we are lucky that he hasn't been sick for this long, but it still sucks! Poor little guy.