Thursday, July 28, 2011


Believe it or not, this the 500th post I've written on this blog since I started it on Sept. 27th, 2008.

A lot of things have happened since starting this blog almost three years ago. I went from an almost-quitting, depressed PhD student, to a bored post-doc and disgruntled volunteer committee head, to finding a full-time job doing what I truly love to do.

DH and I went from apartment living, where-are-we-going-from-here newlyweds, to finding real jobs, buying a house, dealing with contractors, having a baby, and now being two full-time working parents of a nine-month old boy.

In that time, my blog has evolved too. I started blogging under Mrs. Comet Hunter, and wrote (ranted?) mostly about my grad school experience. After defending my PhD I decided to come out and blog under my real name. A few months later, I suffered a miscarriage, and the variety of topics I wrote about expanded. Now I write about anything from my job, to book reviews, to parenthood, to knitting, and of course the occasional rant.

What I've valued the most over the past 500 posts are the comments I receive from my readers. Because, what's a blog without readers and commenters really? Even though I tend to straddle the science and motherhood blogging communities, I have felt welcomed by both.

I don't know where this blog will be in another 500 posts, but I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. Thanks for reading!