Monday, June 13, 2011


I've never been any good at working-at-home (WAH). I get too distracted by things around the house, and I can never leave things half-done.

For example, after I have breakfast in the morning, I need to put my dishes in the dishwasher. But, if the dishwasher is full of clean dishes, then I have to put them away. Then, I have to load the dishwasher with any dirty dishes. Then, hey, since I'm home, why don't I just put a load of laundry in the wash (which then has to be put in the dryer, then put away)?

It's even more difficult with Evan around. The worst is when it's time to feed him solids. I have to figure out what to give him, make it, then get him set up in his high chair. Because he's feeding himself, it takes a long time (typically 30-45 minutes), and I need to be supervising just in case. It also gets super messy. So, after he's done, I need to clean him up AND the 10-foot radius around him. If I don't do it, then everything won't be ready to go for his next meal.

I usually do much better when I work outside the home (WOH). I love having an office. It distinctly breaks up the day into work-time and home-time. I concentrate on work-tasks when I'm in the office, and it gives me much needed face-time with co-workers. Plus, I get to wear all my wonderful new work clothes and be all adult-like.

Of course, right now, taking Evan into the office with me isn't exactly that efficient either. He doesn't last long there because there is very little for him to do (even though I bring lots of toys with us). There are also very few options on where to put him. I bring him in a stroller, but he doesn't like being in it for too long. So, I brought a play-chair in, but he's not such a huge fan of that now that he wants to move around all the time. But, I don't trust his sitting ability enough to just sit him down on the hard tile floor. He bangs his head enough at home, and that's on a carpet!

One nice thing about working on the same campus as DH is he can take Evan from time to time so I can get some work done (or have meetings without interruption). But, he spends a lot of time in the lab, so it can be tough for him to get away. If he can, it's not for long.

So, if I do go into the office now, it's only for a couple of hours here and there. In fact, that's my whole work-life right now: an hour or two here and there. Because of that, I have been working in the evenings and on weekends to feel like I'm working enough. I'm starting to look forward to July (daycare) more and more!

What about you? Do you do better working at home, or working at the office? Does it change depending on what you're working on?