Thursday, June 23, 2011

Swear Pyramid

In order to clean up our language so Evan doesn't learn awful things from us, we have a swear jar at home. Every time we swear or say/do something inappropriate, we have to put in $0.25. This money will go in to a saving's account for Evan. It's amazing how much money is in the jar already, but we're definitely cutting down.

How do we deem something is inappropriate? Basically, if we wouldn't want Evan to repeat it, we have to put $$ in.

A few days ago, we got into a debate about whether certain words or phrases should be worth more money. We disagreed on which swears were more insulting/inappropriate.

So, my awesome readers, please put the following common swear words in order from the most to the least level of inappropriateness (using some symbols so sicko Google searches don't bring my blog up):

@ss, @sshole, b!tch, cr@p, d@mn, fr!ckin'/fra¢kin', fu¢k, he¢k, hell, sh!t

Also, where would you put the following in the list:

- "yo' mama" jokes
- taking the Lords name in vain