Monday, June 6, 2011


The previous owners of our house hacked the crap out of everything in both our front and back yards. Okay, that's not completely true...they hacked the crap out of half of everything, and didn't do jack-shit with the rest.

Last year, DH did a great job cleaning up the yards. He got rid of a ton of branches, debris, various bird feeders (seriously - he was finding them all summer), and other junk they left behind, like big concrete feet and stepping stones that said "peace" and "love". So, this year we at least had fairly clean yards to start with.

One thing we're not sure what to do with is a big cedar hedge in the backyard. You see, we share this hedge with the people who live behind us. Their side is immaculate, our side looks like ass. Why? Because the previous owner "trimmed" the hedge with a chainsaw. Oh, yeah. Basically, we have a bunch of stumps and dead branches on our side.

Fig. 1: Stumps circa last fall.

So, for you green-thumbs out there: what should we do? Will it ever grow in again if we just leave it? Should we plant new shrubs on our side? Should we just cover it with bird feeders?