Tuesday, June 14, 2011

If I Only Knew

The other day, DH and I were talking about how lazy we were before we had Evan. I mean, we had so much time we were constantly complaining that we were bored. I wish I could go back, slap the both of us, and tell us to:

- Travel as much as you can
- Go out for long, quiet dinners at expensive restaurants
- Read books and newspapers in bed on Sunday mornings (or anytime, really)
- Have adult-only dinner parties, and linger at the table with lots of wine and good, uninterrupted conversation
- Watch your favorite TV shows at the actual time they air
- Go to sporting events, concerts, movies, and plays
- Play different sports and hit up the gym whenever you can
- Sign up for classes, like cooking, yoga, and photography
- Enjoy eating all meals at a leisurely pace (actually, enjoy doing anything at a leisurely pace)

I do wish that we had taken more advantage of the (now) seemingly infinite free time we had. But, would I trade Evan in to do any or all of the above? Absolutely not. Our lives are busy now - hectic even - but we're also happier and more fulfilled with the little guy around. And, as Evan gets older, we'll be able to do those things more and more, and have the best of both worlds.

For the parents out there: what are things you miss about your child-free days?

For the non-parents: what are your favorite things about being child-free?