Sunday, June 19, 2011

Eight Months

Ah, my little man is sure growing fast! How has it been eight months already? Here are some fun things from the past month:

- He does this thing we call "raging bull" where he scrunches up his nose and breathes in and out loudly (like a bull).

- His new favorite thing to do is to squeal. This is not Mom or Dad's favorite thing.

- He loves being surprised. He laughs hysterically if I jump into the room saying "Bang!". Or come from under the covers saying "Boo!". He also likes to be covered up with a blanket and then find his way out, or do this with mommy covered up.

- He gets so frustrated so easily (like his mom). He will attempt to crawl for about 10 seconds before he starts complaining. Needless to say, crawling isn't going so well. Though, in the past few days, he's started to do the inch-worm thing and is able to move...well...inches...with a lot of effort.

- He likes saying "Ahhhh" for as long as he can possibly hold it. We're pretty sure he keeps trying to break his previous record. He especially likes doing this in the car and on walks. We think it's because it makes his voice wobble when we go over bumps, and he finds this fascinating.

- He likes saying "na-na-na", "ga-ga-ga", and "da-da-da". He's said "ma-ma-ma" a few times, but not nearly as much. He's doing multiple syllable sounds too, which is ultra-cute.

- When he sees one of us appear above his crib in the morning, there is a 1-2 second delay before the recognition sets in and then he gives us a huge smile and starts squirming like crazy.

- He always wants to play with what we have in our hands, even if he just put it down seconds before.

- He still absolutely loathes baths. Seriously. We actually close the windows during bath time so our neighbors don't think we're torturing him.

- He likes being held upside down, swung around, shaken/twisted side-to-side, and generally treated like a rag doll.

- He's an amazing eater, and has tried more food than I probably did in my first 20 years.

Happy 8-months, little man!