Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Style Series, Part III: Clothes Shopping

My third appointment with Sue was the "biggest" one in my mind: shopping for clothes to fill out my rather sparse professional wardrobe. The goal for the day was to find some classic, basic pieces and then add some color with various tops.

On the morning of April 23rd, I met Sue at Channer's - a local business apparel store. She had pulled about 20 items, and explained how they could all work with one another. The core colors she chose were navy and olive, which I immediately loved. These colors portray trustworthiness and approachability, which are two traits necessary for my new position.

I tried all the pieces in various combinations (a surprisingly amazing array, actually!), and we whittled the selection down to 12 pieces: two camisoles (olive and black), two patterned blouses (with much color!), two cardigans (one navy, the other khaki with a floral print), two pant suits (one olive, one navy pin-stripe), one pair of jeans, and one denim skirt. Unfortunately, because of my budget, I had to leave about half of these behind and I ended up buying the two camisoles, one patterned blouse, the navy cardigan, the olive pants, and the jeans. The other items are on layaway and I intend to buy them later in May.

The second store we went to was La Jolie Jupe, a very cute women's wear store that I never even knew existed. This portion of the shopping trip was all about the tops and getting much needed punches of color into my wardrobe. I tried probably about 20 tops on, most of them t-shirts that are easily layered. Again, we whittled away until we had just a few key pieces left that I adored. I came away with a white 3/4-sleeve t-shirt, a fuchsia 3/4-sleeve t-shirt, a thin purple 3/4-sleeve shirt, a blue patterned cap-sleeve shirt, a black cap-sleeve shirt with a large floral pattern on one side, and a light blue button-up blouse. Unfortunately, I had to leave behind a khaki shirt-dress because I reached my budget limit!

Fig. 1: The items I bought (12 pieces total).

All in all, I was really happy with what I bought. Though, to be honest, I was disappointed about having to leave the other pieces I loved at the stores. If only I were rich, right? In any case, those will come with time, and we had lots to work with for the wadrobing session - coming up next!

Fig. 2: All the clothing we will have to work with in the wardrobing session.