Thursday, May 19, 2011

Seven Months

There haven't been any majorly different developments over the past month - basically Evan is bigger and stronger, and able to do things easier and better than before. He rolls over constantly, is sitting on his own more and more, is good at standing with support, has been eating a variety of foods, and can play independently for longer periods of time.

He is working on crawling by getting his knees under himself, getting his butt into the air, and moving his legs. But, he needs to figure out he also has to get his upper body off the ground. I'm not particularly in a hurry for him to figure this out though, as I like my immobile little man!

His personality is coming out more and more. He's just such a happy and fun baby 90% of the time, but can become upset at the drop of a hat. He is really in tune with the emotions of others, especially other babies. If he hears/sees another baby cry, he'll get upset. He really likes most people, though it seems he plays strange with people with curly hair and/or thick glasses for some reason!