Monday, May 30, 2011

"Bad" Words

When did "penis", "vagina", and "breast" become bad words? Why do people get so worked up about them, and why is it so seemingly inappropriate for a child to use them? They're the correct names for those body parts - like hand, arm, nose, and toe. What's the big deal?

This is one thing I'm not quite sure what to do when it comes to Evan. I want him to know those words and body parts are normal. I don't want him to feel shame or embarrassment. BUT, when he's older, I also don't want him pointing at people's crotches and telling them they have a penis/vagina, or whatever else kids do!

For the parents of older kids out there: how did you handle this?

For everyone: why do you think these words are so "taboo" in our culture (or at least in North America - is it different elsewhere?).