Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Six Months

Evan had quite a busy month!

- On March 21st, he rolled from his tummy to his back, and now does it all the time.

- He had his first taste of banana on March 21st. We've been trying various finger/table foods with him since - cucumber, tomato, pear, apple, cheese, bread-sticks, avocado, even quesadillas! He really enjoys feeding himself, and it's so cute to watch.

- He started taking things out of our hands (before we had to put toys in his lap). In fact, he's just grabby McGrabberson in general, grabbing everything within his reach and, of course, putting them in his mouth. This includes our faces, glasses, clothes, chip bags, towels....well, everything really.

- He loves watching and trying to grab (sometimes successfully!) the cats. He makes this cute squealing noise and smiles when he sees them!

- He has found his feet and puts them in his mouth too.

- He giggles more and more. I love to hear that laugh!

- He rolled back to tummy on March 28th, but hasn't really done it since. Though he's constantly on his side or half on his tummy (his top half is facing the floor, but his legs are still on his side). Changing his diaper is becoming quite the wrestling match.

- He likes to scoot around in a circle. We often find him on the opposite end of the crib and facing the opposite direction in the morning.

- He's working on sitting up, and can do it with very little support.

- He seems to be going through a phase where some strangers scare him. A LOT. He'll make huge pouty faces and cry. It's not with everyone though, so it's a bit hard to predict!

- He has moved into his own room. Sigh...he's growing up.

Mother's Reflection
It's hard to believe Evan has changed from sleepy orange-coloured blob, to ultra-fussy-pants, to a generally easy tempered little boy in just a short six months! I read my posts from the early days when I was feeling so overwhelmed and I just want to go back and tell that woman that it won't last forever (yes, some of you told me that, but I didn't believe you). His bad/fussy days are very rare now, and he is usually just a joy to be around.

This is by far my favorite stage so far. He's so interactive, is constantly doing new things, and you can just see the gears grinding when he's trying to figure something out or is somewhere he's never been before. Even more cool is we can see the love for us in his eyes. Yes, he's made eye contact with us for months now, and smiled at us and stuff, but seeing the love is just amazing!

Happy 1/2 year birthday, little man!