Thursday, April 14, 2011

Random Rants

I have a bunch of stuff rolling around in my head, but none of them warrant their own post.

1. I'm totally okay with people asking questions about our choices in parenting, and I'm happy to answer them. I'm not okay with people telling us our way is wrong, or somehow implying that we are not keeping Evan's health, safety, and best interests in mind. We are good parents, and are doing what we believe is right and best for Evan and our family.

2. Air Canada has decided to change our short, direct flight to a very long travel time with a very long layover, getting in at midnight. Thanks for that. I'll be canceling that leg and flying with someone else.

3. We had a tour of the daycare near the university. It wasn't very spectacular, and it made us even happier with our current choice. However I want to rant about it anyway. They apparently give preference not based on when you get on the waiting list, but on your livelihood. They give priority to professors, then to students, then to staff. So, apparently I would have been a higher priority three years ago when I was a student than now. I've never heard of any other daycare giving preference to people with certain jobs. Could you imagine if a place gave preference to doctors and lawyers first, then teachers, then chefs? I mean, come on!